TextDirect sends SMS reminders to increase adherence to malaria treatment. Our goal is to improve health outcomes by supporting health systems.

TextDirect emerged from five graduate students at Yale University driven by the desire to implement programs that are grounded in rigorous data. We came together believing that development interventions can be cheap and effective. We are passionate about improving health outcomes, conducting careful evaluations and leveraging technological solutions to reduce the burden of diseases on societies around the world.

Leveraging mobile technology to strengthen and complement health initiatives that are combating malaria.

  • Evidence-based interventions: scaling up health and development policies that have demonstrated efficacy in rigorous field studies
  • Cost-effectiveness: providing the best value per dollar to donors and ensuring that our interventions maximize net societal benefit
  • Local ownership: reducing our footprint while increasing local participation and management in our programs
  • Partnerships: working side-by-side with government institutions, local NGOs, and international organizations to help our technology reach as many users as possible
  • Donations

    Create a Scalable Mobile Texting Platform to Reduce Incidence of Malaria

    Your funds will be directed towards:

  • Building a state of the art mobile texting platform in close collaboration with the local health ministry.
  • Creating an incentive system that would encourage health workers to add diagnosed patients to the platform.
  • Setting up a toll free line that enables free text messages sending and receiving accross an entire country.
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    TextDirect leverages mobile technology to increase adherence to malaria treatment.

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